History of the company

Z/S IGAUŅI was established in 1993 in Saldus Municipality, Jaunauce County From a small family company with a single truck dealing only with local cargo transportation we have become a rapidly growing provider of cargo transportation services with a fleet of 24 trucks employing almost 50 people and making shipments in all countries of the European Union and CIS. Although the initial business of the company included only inland transportation of sea containers, today we also transport full and consolidated cargo in tents, and also veterinary gods and hazardous (ADR) goods.

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Our main values are quality and constant growth. We believe that only being in constant development we can achieve better performance and thus improve the quality of our services. To promote growth and quality our employees supplement their professional knowledge on a regular basis by participating in different courses, seminars and international conferences, where they learn from other logistic specialists and master the latest and the most efficient solutions in cargo transportation.


Our services are chosen by different manufacturing and expediting companies. Many of our customers are timber and peat producers, metalworking, machine engineering and agricultural equipment producers, food and animal origin product producers, textile companies, telecommunication companies, farmers and many others.

Our customers choose IGAUŅI because of our long experience and professionalism. In 25 years, we have earned confidence of our customer, because we provide quality and can guarantee that our service will be provided in a professional and quick way.

Truck fleet

To ensure the highest quality in cargo transportation IGAUŅI supplements and upgrades its fleet on a regular basis to avoid technical problems in transportation of customers’ goods and shorten the time of shipment as much as possible, thus reducing customer’s costs.


Why do customers choose us?

Thanks to the quality of our services, knowledge and faultless accuracy of our employees, we have earned loyalty and reputation as one of the most reliable companies in the sector, which makes our customers return to us again and again. Unlike other cargo transporters, IGAUŅI also provides express deliveries of cargo, which is of particular importance for the customer, whose cargo should be delivered to the destination as fast as possible.

Career possibilities

We invite to join our team:



  • to organise transportation of cargo;
  • to actively search for and attract new customers and shippers;
  • to prepare commercial offers.
  • to control cargo deliveries.


  • higher or incomplete higher education;
  • knowledge of languages: knowledge of Latvian, Russian and other foreign languages.
  • ability to prepare transport documents;
  • ability to independently plan the process and time of work;
  • attentiveness, responsibility and diligence;
  • willingness to work and promote interests of the company;
  • own customer base is preferable.

We offer:

  • competitive remuneration;
  • interesting and challenging job;
  • friendly team;
  • good work conditions.

Send your application for the job to info@igauni.lv

Cooperation opportunities

IGAUŅI is seeking for any types of companies and other cooperation partners, no matter whether you are a small shop in the Old Riga, a farm or a large manufacturing company, which needs logistics services. We will also willingly cooperate with other cargo transportation companies and forwarding agents.

If you want to start cooperation, write to info@igauni.lv or call +371 28669948